Nagatani's Blade & Tool
Services, LLC

75 Leilehua Road  Wahiawa, HI  96786    Phone:  (808) 330-4899  Fax:  (808) 888-8429

Knife Sharpening:

As you can see from the pictures, Mr. Nagatani has done a fine job of bringing back the shine to those tired, old (often abused), sushi knives and regular knives.  With a lot of skill and tlc, he's been able to make them look and perform like new.  Now, not all knives that we receive will be like the ones above, we just wanted you to see what we are capable of here at Nagatani's Blade & Tool's Services, LLC!  Give us a call.
This knife was messed up!  See the finished product below.  Let us know what you think.
Here's the finished product. 
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